Fullers Fairways


OCT. 11, 10:00   

50.00 PER PERSON CALL DON @ 740-319-0180 


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Fuller's day of opening

Monday we will open, and we will greet you at the window, there will be one per cart unless you came together in one car, family, same household, immediate family. The pin will remain in the hole with styrofoam in the cup so it can be retrieved without touching anything... You will remain at 6 ft. apart. This will help us to remain open and you can come and get the stink blown off and some much-needed exercise, oh yes, for the exercise feel free to walk.

Fuller's 2020 Opening

We will open for the season Monday, April 6 

Fuller's Fairways will open 

Well, courses will now open again, as ours is not open as of yet maybe this next week.  

League meetings have been rescheduled

Tuesdays Couple league  4/28/  6:00

Wed. Mixed League meeting 4/29  6:00

Thurs.2-man scramble  4/30  6:00

I am not sure what this summer of golf will bring, I guess we will wait and see.  Everyone stay healthy and hope to see you real soon 

Courses not opening

WELL, I guess we will not be opening up because the health dept. has closed us and all golf courses as they say we are not essential. Well, maybe for everyone's sanity, we are essential. At least you could get out and blow the stink off at courses without even being around close to anyone. So sad as it is, we will not open as we usually do in April till we are given the okay.


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Leagues now forming at Fullers

Fuller's Leagues are forming for the 2020 season. If interested call 740-452-9830 they are as followers:
Monday 2-man league, meeting on March 30th,
Tues. Ladies league Meeting on April 7, 6:00,
Tues, couples scramble league, meeting on April 14th at 7:00,
Wed. 4-man league meeting on Mar. 18th at 7:00,
Wed. 2-person mixed league meeting April 1, 7:00,
Thurs. night 2-man scramble April 9, 7:00,
Thurs, 4-man league March 19 at 5:45